Web Series

“Brunch on Sundays”

A 2013 comedic web series directed by Martine Charnow.


Set in Brooklyn every Sunday, a distressed Charlie reveals her ‘sexscapades’ over brunch with friends, her tales enhanced by quirky flashbacks of how they went awry.


The Huffington Post covered each episode upon release, commenting that the second episode, “could, in fact, start a revolution of women who will stop remaining silent about their bodily functions. Including — no, especially — with guys they have sex with.”

The series is currently featured on Funny or Die and has officially been selected to play in the 2015 Hollyweb Fest.

Cast & Crew

Starring: Shira Weitz, Haley Turner, Natasha Straley.

Written by: Shira Weitz. Produced by: Matthew Manna, Shira Weitz, Natasha Straley.
Director of Photography: Toby Miller. Edited by: Matthew Manna.

For more information, visit: brunchonsundays.com

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“Saving Unicorns”

A 2014 comedic web series directed and edited by Martine Charnow.

Sassy Unicorn Currently in post-production.

Coming Soon


Sady Hart tries to navigate adulthood with the help of her crass imaginary unicorn friend. Live action/animation.

Cast & Crew

Starring: Staci Jacobs, Lee Kaplan and Brian Hastert.

Written and Produced by: Staci Jacobs. Animation by: Erica Perez. Cinematography by: Toby Miller.
Original Music by: Jordan Siwek and Richard Jay.

For More information, visit: Savingunicorns.com